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Case Studies

Advertising Costs - NFT Collection Sale

How our client sold out 12345 NFT collection

Our client had struggled to reliably scale their marketing budget and hit their growth targets for 2021-2022. Neither paid nor organic strategies were providing..

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Froggos NFT - Sold out in 7 minutes

Froggos NFT sells out in 7-minutes, at 4.5x their original price

It’s no secret. NFT marketing is hard. Over 95% of projects will fail to sell out on mint day.

Advertising platforms like Twitter and Instagram have policies and algorithms that will quickly disable your ads and ban your account, when trying to promote your project.

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National Parks NFT - Sold out in 7 minutes

National Parks NFT Sells Out in 7 minutes, After Just One 40-minute Consulting Call

There are many paths to success with our unique NFT marketing strategy. We offer a wide range of service options to suit different budgets, timeframes, and goals. Any of these services give you the tools you need to build a strong community and whitelist, which leads to a sell out on mint day.

Our recent client, National Parks NFT, was an exceptional client. We built them a custom strategy in just one, 40-minute session, which used to sell all 4,825 tokens in just 7 minutes!

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Sell 5555 NFTs in the Bear Market

How to Sell 5555 NFTs with "Recycled Money" in the Bear Market

What you’ll read below is the step by step journey of a NFT brand from zero to sell out using strictly paid ads.


Right after this brand took over all the internet with their paid media ads, another brand (not to be named) followed the same approach.


At the time of writing this, that brand is 60% minted out and on its way to sell out - so you know what you read below is not some hypothesis of mine.


Finally, to state, Hangry Hippos approached me because they were banned from advertising on Twitter and knew this was a beast they had to wrap their heads around and had no idea how.


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7111 NFTs sold out on the XRP Chain

How to Sell out 7111 NFTs in the Bear Market on the XRP Chain

xSPECTAR came to us via recommendation to sell out their 7111 NFTS on the XRP blockchain.

With crypto platforms such as FTX, Genesis and Celsius collapsing, it’s hard to believe an NFT project would sell out in the bear market. 

xSPECTAR’s initial concern with marketers was that they mostly have, sold out projects in ETH and SOL blockchains and rarely attempted other blockchains.

I, on the other hand have nothing but a positive experience with less saturated blockchains.


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Complimentary Session to See if This is a Fit

What NFT Influencers Say About this Program

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Inspector Mindblow - NFT Influencer
Inspector Mindblow

NFT Influencer

Crowdcreate - NFT Influencer

NFT Influencer

Joel Comm & Travis Wright - NFT Influencers

NFT Influencer

What About Crypto Exchanges Interviews

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The World's First Social Infused Exchange

NFT Incubator 

What is NFT Incubator

You'll join other founders, influencers and agencies that are all looking to sell out web 3 projects.

There is a done for you and done with you format.

Ads Setup - Optimization - Scaling

Ads setup, Optimization and Scaling

1) Step by step walkthrough of growing your whitelisters at $0.50/person

2) How to grow an engaged following on Twitter

Organize Influencers without getting scammed

Organize Influencers Without Getting Scammed or Heavily Botted

Learn what tools I use to audit influencer make sure they have real followers (not the ones just want your giveaway!). Also, you'll get access to my list of vetted influencers.

How to sell out NFTs fast

All the Little Details of Selling Out Fast!

I've consulted over +400 NFT brands at the time of writing this so I can recognize patterns and give you useful insights.

What You'll Get

Marketing NFTs

NFT Marketing Vault

  • Get the exact ad copies, creatives and keywords I've used in a spreadsheet
  • List of vetted influencers space hosts
  • Recordings of workshops, keynotes and panel discussions I've done
  • Recording of crypto and NFT events you'd usually pay a fortune for travel, accommodation and 
Global Community of NFT brands

Exclusive Discord Server

Become a part of a global community of NFT brands. Promote yourself on my server. Connect with real podcasters and show hosts that I have a relationship with.

NFT Approvals

NFT Approvals

Twitter NFT Approval
Reddit NFT Approval
Quora NFT Approval
Youtube NFT Approval

Meet with Arvin & other NFT Brands

Meet Arvin, one of the leading experts in the NFT industry, and ask him all your burning questions.

What You'll Learn and Execute

Marketing Plan for NFTs

Video 1

Your Marketing Plan to the Moon & How to Fund it!

In this video I'm going to plan out your marketing strategy based on your budget. However, if your budget is small or you simply want to get VCs and Family offices involved I'll show you

  • Pitch deck preparation
  • Investor, VC, family offices pipeline curation
  • Investor introductory meetings

You'l learn how many Discord members, white listers and Twitter followers you should aim for.

I'll tell you about engagement rate of Discord, Twitter and what percentage of your white listers typically convert in the bear market. Also, talk about a whitelist strategy I've been implementing with brands that worked really well.

There are currently 2 main strategies to sell out but I'll show you how to combine them with other marketing efforts to make your strategy bullet proof.


Video 2

The Litmus Test of Selling Out

Have you noticed brands do everything right and for some strange reason still don't sell out? They usually end up blaming the sentiment of the market for it when in fact something much deeper at play.

I'll show you how to fix the core of your brand using "100 Twitter spaces" strategy I've come up with. No more guessing and no more hoping things all workout! 

What needs to be perfected:

  1. A searchable brand that's credible
  2. A website that sells itself
  3. A name that speaks to your audience
  4. A brand messaging that your audience understands and loyal to
  5. A utility that's attractive, understandable to a 5 year old, tangible and solves a real problem/wanted by your audience
  6. Answers to all the tough questions
  7. Layout involvements with calendars, exchanges, DAOs, VCs, Alpha groups, space hosts, launchpads, influencers and strategic web 3 and web 2 partners



Video 3

Pick your Marketing Weapons!

At this point you have everything needed for someone to be able to make an informed decision about buying your NFT.

In web 2 language, I'd say your offer is now strong. It is now time to make the world or your audience know what you have to offer.

Your choices are:

  • Paid ads ( yes paid ads!!)
  • Calendars
  • DAOs
  • Exchanges
  • Spaces
  • Influencers
  • Launchpads
  • Partners
  • Account based marketing
  • IRL events and parties
  • Billboards

In this video I'd like to give you a list of all I have tried and worked in addition to what I wasted money and time on so you don't!



Video 4

Ok or NotOkay(NK) Paid Ads in Web 3

Paid ads in the web 3 have stigma around them. While it's not your job to fix the stigma I want you to know all the details so to answer your community the best way possible.

Your options for paid ads are:

Twitter: Most Populated Web 3 Audience and Interest Based Web 2 Audience:

  • Twitter ads straight to mint page and sell NFTs at ~$30 a pop
  • Twitter ads to grow your following at $0.5 to $1.7 per new person
  • Twitter ads to grow your white listers from $0.45 to $3 per white listers that follows your Twitter, joins your Discord

Instagram and Facebook: Most Populated Web 2 Audience

  • Get in front of your email lists and interest based audience for pennies on the dollar

Linkedin: 2nd Most Populated Web 3 and Web 2 Professional Audience

  • Get in front of your email lists, specific companies employees, interest and group based audience

Quora & Reddit: 3rd Most Populated Web 3 Audience and Interest Based Web 2 Audience

  • Get in front of those Reddit communities that talk about your project or NFTs in general
  • Get in front of large Google search audience

Youtube: Best in the Class for Gaming and Entertainment Based NFTs



Video 5

Ads to Mint Page Strategy - NFT Savages Pay Twitter $30 per sales of NFT

Every now and then out of necessity innovation occurs. Some brands who were destined to pack their bags and leave the web 3.0 space used this strategy to sell out. This is the motherload of dark forces so if you are a rug pull, I beg you not to use this strategy because you sell out and I don't want to be the person that showed you how to sell out.



Video 6

Twitter Ads to Grow White Listers at $0.5 to $3 per Registrations

In this video I'll show you how we use websites like, and their alternatives (that are not hacked yet!) to create a flow where you build a following, an email list as well as white listers.



Twitter ads to grow your following at $0.5 to $1.7 per new person. The faster you need it the closer to $1.7 you pay.




Video 7

How to Use Linkedin Ads to Grow Your Discord

Having ran millions of dollars of ads for software as a service company as my background, I brought that knowledge into the NFT world. I show you how to target potential NFT buyers and show them a messaging that is compliant with Linkedin advertising rules and policies.


Video 8

How to Use Reddit Ads to Grow Your Discord

You might believe in NFTs, you might not. Chances are, if you're here, and you've paid for this incubator, you at least think there's something here that's worth exploring. Either way, it will be important for you to be able to explain to the rest of the world, which is 99% skeptical at this moment, why NFTs are so powerful, and why their arguments are flawed


Video 9

How to Use Quora Ads to Take Targeted People Directly to Your Discord

Have you ever searched for an answer to your question on Google and landed on Quora? Imagine if you could be the answer to NFT buyers' questions. I'll show you how!


How to Audit Influencers and Contact Them So you Get a Response

Secret Content Drops

Join the community and be in the know when we drop additional pieces of exclusive incubator content on NFTs.


Testimonials From Social Media Platforms


I have partnered with Arvin to run LinkedIn campaigns for several fast-growing startups. Arvin is truly an expert when it comes to demand generation and has successfully implemented audience, content, and campaign strategies to increase monthly lead volume between 2x to 8x for his clients. I would highly recommend him to any future clients who need help developing their paid social marketing strategies. Collaborating with Arvin has been a pleasure and I look forward to our continued work together.

Alex Vieregg

Senior Account Executive at Linkedin

Testimonials From My Discord (My Discord Name is Growthhackz)


Testimonials From Celebs

Helping Celebs with their Twitter related goals

I've helped celebs with their Twitter related goals

Verifications, Ad approvals, Un-suspending accounts amongst many other things.

NFT Specific Video Testimonials

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Video Poster Image


Video Poster Image


Video Poster Image


My Background is working with startups to fortune 500 companies

Public Companies - Logos

Public Companies

SaaS and Cybersecurity - Logos

SaaS and Cybersecurity

Fortune 500 Companies - Logos

Fortune 500 Companies

Build a better NFT Project

  • Learn everything there is to know about NFT marketing
  • No need to push back your mint date several times do it right first time!
  • No need to have your wifey divorce you for wasting all money and time on a project that didn't become successful.
Complimentary Session to See if This is a Fit


What's the best marketing strategy to sell out in the bear market?

There are many strategies we use but some of our best are:

Web 2 Sales

Straight to Mint Strategy

Paid Whitelist


Alpha Groups

How many month does it take to sell out?

Typically 4-6 weeks for small brands. For larger brands with larger goals it's ok to market for 3-6 months.

Can you guarantee a sell out?

No sorry I cannot predict your success.

Can my team members join the group calls?


Will there be additional investment after investing in the incubator?


Paid ads usually $5-10k

Social Media Manager $2-4k

Discord Manager $2-4k/mo

Twitter Show Marketing $5-7k/mo

Calendars 0-$1k

Smart Contract


Can we hit x number of million in sales from the sellout of our collection?  (we need to have left over after costs/taxes/fees to support our plans to put $ back into the community and pay ourselves something commensurate with the time investment.)

You'll get this question asked and this type of thinking will scare your audience thinking you have no business plan to make revenue past sellout i.e. potentially will abandon the project and rug them. 

I'm pretty confident with high ticket sales.

Do not force a specific sales number of the sales of your first collection.

Focus on selling out because then you can do many more drops.

Do you have a team and backup in case you get tied up or sick?


Yes I have a team I cannot possibly do it all.

What is the proposed ad spend you want us to put in here based what's worked for you in the past (across ads and influencers)?
Spend has been from 5k to 50K depending on market conditions, how much traction we get, whether we get accepted to Launchpads and many other factors.

What protections can you provide us so we are comfortable that you won’t spend it all then come back and tell us we need to put in more (e.g., can we get to recoup this from your backend)??
While some projects spent 7 figures I've had sellouts that used 10K total advertising spending.

To complete our reasonable diligence, can you kindly provide us some references to speak to – some that went well, and some that went not as planned (maybe still working with them that haven’t yet sold out)?
There are several sold out collections and some that are still minting left Linkedin reviews for me take a look

How long until we start?
SON access is immediate upon purchase.

What results are you typically seeing?

Some collections soldout multiple drops the rest still building.

How long is the program?

Lifetime access to the recorded and LIVE portion. However, when projects sell out usually don’t come on the LIVE calls anymore just show up for occasional questions they have about current or additional drops (meaning additional NFT collections).

What happens after the initial onboarding call with a client? / How do you stay in contact with a client once they get onboard? 

Once you came on the first group call you quickly get up to speed with what's next for you and meet others.

How do you communicate with a project that has come onboard?

Discord specific channel, DMs and also group calls.

Where can the clients source the funding? / What method do you propose to clients who are looking to expand their operations?

Venture capitals, family offices, savings, loans and raise money from your community.

Do you know alpha groups?

Yes - I can introduce you to some

Done for you vs done with you?

Done for you: CMO program - my team does everything for you

Done with you: We work alongside you to sell out your collection

Our collection is very different it's about comic books, jades, diamonds, cat food, religion, toxic sushi. Have you worked with all of those?


Worked with so many projects we probably have worked with all sorts of project. If I haven't worked with that specific industry it's ok I still market you to sell out.

What chains have you worked with?



Sell Out NFTs and Raise Floor Price

with @arvinkNFT

Complimentary Session to See if This is a Fit

About Me


Arvin Khamseh

Arvin Khamseh is a globally recognized thought leader in the crypto space with an impressive background in investor relationship marketing for public companies. Since successfully selling out an Italian artist collection in 2021, Arvin has generated an ROI of 11-40x during the bear market for web 3 companies.Regularly quoted by major media (USA Today,  Forbes, Entrepreneur, etc) and a frequent guest on top crypto podcasts , Arvin is also a popular featured keynote speaker and panelist at high profile blockchain events around the world including Blockchain Festivals, TMRW Conference, IFPX, Metaverse Week, AIBC/Sigma. 


NFT Marketing Strategist - Arvin Khamseh
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